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Every 3rd Sunday of the month, our regular worship service is replaced by Ready, Set, Worship! – an engaging, kid-centered worship service for God’s children of all ages!

Why are we doing Ready, Set, Worship!?

If the children are our future, then the children need to be a part of our present. Worship that centers children in engaging participation and active leadership will let them know that they are an important and necessary part of God’s Church and the work that we have been given through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

What if I’m not a kid?

No problem! Ready, Set, Worship! is for everyone, young and old. It’s not children’s church – it’s just church, and everyone is always welcome at our church.

Ready, Set, Worship! is not a children’s play or program for the adults to watch, either. We are all here to worship, learn, and grow in faith.