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Job Title:

Accompanist (Pianist)

Job Description: 

  • A weekly, year-round accompanist position for Sunday (9:30 a.m.) worship services, as well as occasional special services (Christmas Eve, Holy Week services), to play congregational hymns (as selected by the pastor) and appropriate service music (preludes/postludes, doxologies, offertories, background music for prayer and communion). 
  • Possible additional role of choir director (for qualified and interested candidates) would include weekly rehearsals with the choir (excluding summer months) and involvement in selection of choral music. 

Expectations, Qualifications, and Responsibilities

  • Competently play the piano for worship services
  • The ability to skillfully handle a variety of musical styles from the United Methodist Hymnal, The Faith We Sing Hymnal, and the Worship and Song Hymnal.
  • A cooperative and communicative attitude.
  • A dependable schedule; must be available for Christmas Eve and Easter Sunday. 


  • The hired accompanist will be responsible to the pastor and the Staff-Parish Relations Committee of the church. Hymn selections and instructions will be received from the pastor at least one week in advance of the service. Input, feedback, and participation in music planning is welcomed and encouraged, but not required. 
  • The hired accompanist will notify the pastor or church office of absence in a timely fashion so another substitute can be scheduled, up to four times per year. 
  • Must pass a background check.


  • $75 per service; negotiable based on experience. 
  • Additional weekly compensation for choir director role is also negotiable.